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TOCA-ME – The Flesh Magazine Project

Published by TOCA ME GmbH – Germany

150 pages of episodes. 2 chapters of Flesh were initiated in order to speed up the entire process of two collateral storylines. These two chapters went through two orbits around the world, touched and played by the hands of more than 31 artists, and by the 715th day 13th hour and 15th minute, TOCA ME Flesh is resurrected in solid spine and vigorous colour.

An interpretation of the first artist was invited to this interpretation of an unseen and unsketched idea/concept. With a haul of inspiration, his work went on to one contributor who will used that particular piece for the spark of the brainchild. So the topic is changed and redefined. As every artist had to go through this motion and to relate to the creativity of the immediate artist before them, interpretation of Flesh get manipulated, changed, improvised or sometimes Destroyed. Some elements got lost in transition, of course. Some aspects got disfigured and some got re-jargoned.

I also produced short video intro for the micro-site linked below.

Learn more here.

E-Project Volume 2- A Book of the Most Creative Web Sites Around the World

By Imin Pao

This guide provides endless inspiration for Web designers, architects and engineers alike. Hand selected by Imin Pao, the preeminent authority on Web design, the Web sites featured in E Project represent the most advanced technologies, challenging concepts and stunning page designs in existence on the Web today.

Pushing the boundaries of art, design and technology, more than 200 sites are profiled, all of which offer readers dramatic new ways to navigate through data and communicate information effectively. Along with the sites are Q&A interviews with the designers who created each site, so readers can learn how to incorporate these groundbreaking principles into their own work.

Imin Pao is the founder of the creative studio Pao & Paws with offices in Taipei, Tokyo and New York. He has a Masters in Advertising and Graphic Design from the Art Center College of Design and a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. In addition to working for such prestigious firms as Leo Burnett, Wieden and Kennedy and J. Walter Thompson, Pao’s work has also been featured in Communication Arts and several other impressive graphic design magazines. He lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

View Book on Barnes & Noble

Eight and A Half By Eleven

By: John Esquerra & Dustin Hostetler

Digital design has opened up a whole range of new creative avenues in design and photography and the emergence of ”street art” has enabled a new generation of artists to simultaneously work in, and be influenced by, many different media.

Eight and a Half by Eleven exposes the brilliant but raw talent of a new group of artists, graffiti writers, photographers, and graphic designers in a collection of work that is no less than brilliant. Contributors were asked to create a ”one off” black & white image on a piece of paper, 8.5” x 11”, and in spite of their varied backgrounds the combined result is remarkably strong and cohesive. Includes work by Lady Pink, Rich Colman, Tiffany Bozic, Anton Lopez, Bigfoot, Cody Hudson (Struggle Inc.), Joker, Tim Nolan and Nonconceptual and more.

View Book page on Ginko Press Website

Honest MagazineVolume 2

I contributed to the “Draw A Face” chapter of this publication. Random creatives were asked to simply draw a face and submit. Mine was of Rita Morena, and LIza Minnelli.

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