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November 14, 2011

It seems fitting that my 100th post on this weblog is about change. The essence of a weblog is that it is a dynamic, living document that reflects the author’s thoughts and narrative on an ongoing basis. I began this blog in February of 2005 to serve a few purposes:

  • A place to archive my work, and my ever changing roles in these past projects
  • A platform to comment and or rant about the advertising, creative, and marketing industries
  • A reason to use WordPress and increase my meta data over the Internet.

Back to my initial point. Today marks my first day at BBH Labs. I will be working as the Creative Director of Labs with the ever innovative Saneel Radia (follow him here @Saneel). Labs is BBH’s global innovation unit. It has been tasked with pioneering new outputs and approaches: exploring emerging platforms and behaviours on behalf of brands, and developing new agency models along the way.

This opportunity excites me for many reasons, the first of which is that it brings me back to the very first days of what drew me to the web. Exploration, innovation, an the sense of being on the brink of something new. Technology and culture, now more than ever moves at the speed of light (quite literally, in some cases) and with this Moore’s Law lifestyle comes the challenge of being one step ahead. I welcome the challenge.

Issues. Culture. Bugs. this was one of the randomized taglines that ran on back in 1997, and it totally rings true today. Future forward!

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