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Industry / Bring the Magic Back

May 6, 2011

Now more than ever advertising needs to bring the magic back to our craft. The opportunities that technology has opened up to us as creative thinkers has opened up an endless array of doors. Storytelling has never had so many possibilities, and consumers have never been more available. Technology is not a gimmick, and the existence of a new technology should not be the solitary reason to use it.

Technology is another arrow in the quiver. It is another paintbrush. The 21st Century creative team must learn how to present “craft” using these amazing mew platforms. Magicians often worked for years to create a grand illusion that would define their careers, and pen their names in the history books. They invested the necessary time to constantly be learning, and to stay one step ahead of their audience. They were thinkers, performers, scientists, and illusionists.  They were able to take the mechanics of a trick and translate that through showmanship into a performance that would delight and amaze. Nowadays, new technologies in mobile, second screens, and wireless location based data afford us the opportunity delight and amaze consumers. Let’s step it up.

It is high time that the advertising world recognize this dedication to craft and showmanship once again. It is time we practice our craft with dedication to the performance, and return the prestige to our work.

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