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April 1, 2011

Client: #Pitchmode Studio: Universalscene

Well after one full day consisting of thousands of page-views there has definitely been a wide range of press, chatter, tweeting, and conversation about #PITCHMODE. Agency rags, Media Blogs, and Tech sites all chimed in, as well as a few hundred people on twitter. There has been so much talk about it and everyone seems to shed a different light and attitude towards it. The fact that so much discussion arose really interests me considering how quickly it was conceived, designed and developed, not to mention how truly simple of an idea it really was. The Egoist Network has also followed along and have been collecting the best of the best.

It began yesterday afternoon, when I was a few hours shy of completing a ten day pitch consisting of the typical late nights, and a furious delivery schedules. Sometime around lunch I fired off a tweet with one of my more popular hashtags, #PITCHMODE. Later that evening once all the files were approved, delivered, and prepped for a morning presentation I though back over the day, and while skimming tweets, I thought about how many of us in the industry all knows exactly what #PITCHMODE means.

#PITCHMODE is a call to arms, it’s a rally cry, and a quick and concise way of alerting our friends that we are “in the zone” and are doing what we are all here to do, sell great ideas. Whether you are a writer, art director, creative director, project manager, or producer, it is universal piece of language familiar to all of us.

As I began building the twitter search tools against the API, I quickly saw that the word was being used everywhere around the world. It really began to feel like a good idea to pursue creating a simple, solitary purpose site that could act as a simple aggregate platform to house these conversations. After it was up and running I saw that people actually took comfort in knowing that even if the were alone at the agency cranking, they were not alone. Somewhere, someone was working right long side of them in #PITCHMODE. Truth be told it was also an excuse to mess with some new publishing technology I was itching to use.

The Idea:
Design, program, and launch a single function Web application to support creative solidarity before sunrise.

Technology Platform:
#PITCHMODE Beta runs off of the Twitter API, puling in all content using the PITCHMODE handle and hashtag. Automated responses based on time, weather, and the content of tweets are generated by using triggers within the IFTT toolset. ( Once #PITCHMODE was up and running in beta the site became completely autonomous.

Uniform Resource Locator:
You are not alone.

*Another Universalscene Thing.

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