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Work / Chicco USA

March 1, 2011

Having built up the relationship between McCann NY , McCann SF and Hush, we were approached for another great collaboration with McCann Worldgroup where we were asked to help launch Chicco (“KEE-KO”) – a prominent European baby gear brand – in the USA. To do this, we had to call on the range of our skills as designers, developers, technical strategists, animators and all around Renaissance folk. Taking point on the project, and in collaboration with Aerva, we figured out how to pull off an interactive experience integrating the worlds of webcams, websites, Times Square billboards, on-location cameras, and everything in between. The result: thousands of happy moms, dads and kids. See the site here.

As the Director of Interactive on this project my role included defining the primary framework, vetting technology partners, building the team to tackle this unique project, as well as help define the look and feel of the browser based application and user interface. Thanks to my lead Flash developer Nick Kircos and Jen Lu who served as the Interactive AD on this one. They really helped make the magic happen.

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  1. March 18, 2011 2:34 pm

    As the writer and one of the CDs on the project on the McCann side, I can’t say enough about Hush’s cooperation, enthusiasm and all around goodness. As director of interactive, you should be extremely proud. Your team made it so much less of a nightmare than it could’ve been and, at times, dare I say, a pleasure!

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