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December 13, 2010

As most of you know I have recently made the shift from the world of the Digital Agency, and have taken on a Creative Director position at JWT. In the weeks leading up to the move I often wondered how it would effect the way in which I have worked for the past decade. As a creative in a small shop you tend to wear many hats, and I quite liked the idea of blending strategy, creative, and a producer’s sensibility. It somehow felt soothing to be involved in so many touch-points of a project.

After a few weeks here, you know what has changed about my process…. nothing. I still approach each challenge with the same mindset. I still not only look for the bigger idea, but also look to solve the execution, platform, and appropriate deployment of our work. The sheer size of our agency is nothing to be intimidated by, but rather it is a great benefit. Unlike most agencies I have been inside, we have an incredible arsenal of talent at our fingertips. As a Creative Director, it is how you move around the ecosystem and leverage the teams to your advantage.

I look forward to the diversity of projects that are available to me, and I continue to be challenged on a daily basis. I am tempted to say that Big is the new Small, but I am not sure that sums everything up the way in which I would like. What I will say in summation is that two thousand and eleven should be an exciting year, and to expect the unexpected from us.

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