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November 23, 2010

Since the dawn of my career, somewhere around 1996,  I have pursued, engaged, and worked with a countless number of the most ridiculously talented people in the “space” we have since defined as the Digital Agency. That is about to change in less than a week.

I am going to use the post to not only announce my future trajectory, but to try and pay homage to some of the fine people I have had the honor of working alongside. I see this as a turning point of in both my career, and the state of the industry. I am extremely curious about the pending result of this recent convergence. I love the challenges we will be facing while we continue to build contemporary work within the world of a modern advertising agency.

As I mentioned I have been fortunate to have worked with some brilliant and talented minds. Some of the most memorable shops include: @BigSpaceship @DeepFocus @Firstborn_NY @PokeNewYork @CoreIndustries @NightAgency @HushStudios. Each of them contributed to my career in their own unique way. Each one of them holds a precious spot in my heart and mind.

Most recently I spent the last 18 months of my life deep in the trenches with Hush Studios. Within the last year we were able to give birth not only to a slew of awesome projects, but we also successfully shifted the direction of the company into a brave new world. Hush began 2009 as a design centric motion graphics, and 3D studio that primarily focused on broadcast, and within a year we carved out our own special niche, and turned out some amazing work in the digital space. We created a sensory experience for The Showtime House, an experiential installation for Infiniti, and an immersive micro-site for General Mills’ ‘Gushers‘ brand along with Saatchi NY, to name a few. Hush has been a second home for me and will always look at them as an extended family.

At POKE New York I got my hands dirty on a revolutionary media platform for 19 Entertainment that proved that great work, and a killer team can accomplish almost anything. Don’t Give Up is such a fitting mantra for that shop.

During my tenor at Firstborn, I was fortunate enough to work on a diverse collection of award winning projects, my biggest impact however I feel was founding the Live Action Studio. Not only did it generate a new content creation revenue model for the ever-growing  interactive shop, but that unit has gone on to flourish and grow in my absence, which is awesome.

The years prior involved time spent at Big Spaceship, Deep Focus (when they were sill in DUMBO), and a two year stint as the Interactive Creative Director at The Night Agency. While at Night we definitely pushed the limits of storytelling on the web, with projects that paved the way for how web experiences are deployed today. To this day people are still creating choose your own adventures with online video, and renaming our Ass-vertising out-of-home campaign.

Later this month I am proud to say I am joining the ranks of JWT as a Creative Director working along side the recently recruited James Cooper, whom I have had the pleasure of working with while at Hush. I am looking forward to the challenges of a large agency, working across multiple accounts within a brand umbrella, and pushing the digital thinking for the agency. This is a very special time in the history of advertising. We have moved past the infantile digital push, where technology pushed harder than the more traditional thinking. We have without a doubt plateaued and established the end of an era. I look forward to seeing how we come out of this all and feel that this is indeed the precise time to be on the agency side of things. There is a tremendously talented team in place at JWT, and I am highly optimistic about the future of advertising… To be continued…

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  1. November 23, 2010 5:55 pm

    Very cool Tim. Excited to see what kind of things you get into at the new gig, and like always, hear your thoughts as you keep pushing shit forward!

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