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Industry / Ideas are media

July 1, 2010

Ideas are media, bitch.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas. Everyone has them,  right?  Some are mediocre, while others are revolutionary and at times, can be game changing. No matter which category they fall into, they take time to develop, and everyone knows the age old adage… Time is Money. If you take that thought one step further, one could say… Ideas are Media. My point being is that media, as everybody knows, costs money.

We live in an age where just about anything we can think up as advertisers, marketers, creatives, or technologists… can be done. This raises an interesting question… Is the idea generation process more valuable than the actual execution?

More often than not projects are triple bid. If each shop spends a week generating and refining ideas down to their best three (high, mid, low) and submits them in their proposal and creative treatment, well, there goes nine pieces of media out three doors all for free. Now imagine all that free media floating around in limbo. The only way to re-coup that loss, is to recycle those ideas. This can easily lead to mediocrity, and the dimming of a brightly shining original idea. Reverse engineered ideas can begin to flood the advertising channels almost over night.

The worst case scenario, which I have witnessed several times in the past few years, is the re-distribution of a new a RFP based on a previously submitted treatment. The retro-fitted document then sent out to three other (lower-tier) shops knowing those shops can execute based on a brief,  but not necessarily come up with the “million dollar ideas” and are therefore a smaller investment. This begs to ask the question, why isn’t there more money funding original thinking? Remember, you always get what you pay for.

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