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Industry / Cannes Lions 2010

June 26, 2010

I was in Cannes this past week for the International Advertising Awards. On my first night I ran into just about everyone who is anyone in advertising,  I could ever expect to see back in New York City, it is just 1,000 times nicer seeing them in the wonderful world of Cannes. The highlight of day one was smacking @davidondemand on his freshly acquired tattoo. Check out the action here

The second night things started getting a bit more intense.

Today’s reporting from Cannes will be covered not just by myself, but not just by myself but the whole motley crew from @HushStudios

@davidhschwarz – Sun is setting the Croisette. Waves are the backdrop to some rosé and friends. Andrea from, CatPat from McCann NY. Guy from Nice Shoes. James from Framestore. Next up: AOL party, SapientNitro soiree and a big win for Argentina. Vamos!

@tim_nolan – So I hopped a train from Cannes to the beautiful town of Antibes. I felt like I needed a few hours away from he invasion of American and European advertising people and get back to nature. I stopped by the Picasso museum and saw some awesome work. I am now back in Cannes, refreshed and ready to jump back into the world of AdMen and AdWomen. tonights parties include AOL, Sapient, and Apollo music. Evening updates to come as they occur!

Day three,  Last night was a rough one! Massive music party was off the hook, not to mention I had a conference call at midnight from the beach with Los Angeles and New York. During the call I witnessed a man getting mauled by a security pit bull, which was awesome. Cannes proves to be a force to be reckoned with.

The @HushStudios vandals wrapped the night up at Gutter Bar, then ventured off into the streets with about 100 stickers, and grilled till the sun came up.

Our day four/five exit strategy and course, Vive Le Cannes!

  1. Old town dinner – delicious on an old school level
  2. Microsoft advertising technology pavilion- one out of five is progressive
  3. Martinez penthouse balcony c/o @shhmgmt – so classic and amazing
  4. South African Party – getting dirty on the beach
  5. The Lift Party Skunk Party  – higher level of party
  6. La Chunga table dance – own right filthy
  7. Gutter Bar – Debauchery as expected ensued. La croc monsieurs for the road.
  8. Airport – A ragged crew departs with no sleep to Nice to jet back to the states.
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