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Industry / App Review: Wired Magazine

June 1, 2010

I was waiting for a magazine to “nail” the iPad platform. As a flash developer for the last decade or so, I sat and I prayed that we could avoid the whole “page curl” thing. So many magazines and apps have adopted that convention, and all I could think was WHY??? I mean, a page curl is an inherent to print and paper and has no place in a digital interface. Why would a smooth touch screen ever “curl”? It would not, and should not, is the answer to that.

What I liked about the WIRED Magazine application is that it was instantly usable. There are two simple navigation models. A lateral browsing of top level content, and the deeper diver is a simple up and down gesture. I see so much potential in the deeper content, the embedded video opportunities, and of course the chance to include “live content”.

I am very optimistic to see what happens in issues to come. WIRED has always pushed the platform, and has acted as an experimental testbed for all things media driven. Kudos to you WIRED, Keep it coming.

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