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May 23, 2010

Brands, agencies, and online content for years have had a major disconnect with the widely universal and extremely fickle audience of the Internet. We all know you cannot please all of the people all of the time, that is a given. What boggles my mind is how terrible campaigns make it past brand managers, creative directors, copywriters, and out on to the web. Here are two campaigns that should have either ended up in a total flush of the concept, or at least resulted in the firing of the brand strategist in my opinion. I mean some one has to be help responsible for this crap, right?

Old Navy and their SuperModelquin campaign is so overdone and boring, I cannot believe it still runs on TV. To me this thing looks like an in-store poster at best, I have no idea who green-lighted an integrated solution for this one but they definitely have not spent much time in the digital or broadcast realms.

The next failure I will point my judgmental finger at is Bing, for a product with such potential, it is a shame that no agency has figured out the right way to market it. These terrible “webfilms” look so pedestrian and contrived that they are borderline insulting. I find it hard to believe that any one on the agency level is even trying to make quality content for the intended platform.

We have all seen Microsoft struggle with finding the right equation in the past. For example, putting a major television star along side the founder in a hope to “humanize” the monolith. I almost enjoyed that campaign, but ultimately decided it was my own admiration for the Seinfeld that caused the momentary appreciation. I shortly concluded that the campaign was a #fail. As for the Bing account, they were in much better hands earlier on with EVB.

There are so many examples of brands doing it right to ‘borrow’ from, so why can’t more get it right? My advice to agencies is to either engage a digital shop that has some experience with online content, or at the very least, take a deep breath, do some research on your client and put out something you are proud of rather than just checking off the boxes. PS I love what incase is doing with online content.

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