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Industry / A week of #OneShow

May 18, 2010

This week in advertising can kill a person if they are not ready for it. This year I was on the hustle for sure. Conferences, parties, after parties, private parties, and galas filled my days. I am pretty sure no actual advertising gets done during the week. Everyone is either too busy or too hung-over to get anything done!

This year I kicked off the week by attending The One Show’s Creative Unconference, which was pretty much the intellectual highlight of the week. The format of this gathering is unique and encourages conversation, confrontation, and sharing, three things that I feel are essential to our industry. What I like is that there is no set structure other than a rough outline, and the day is created on the fly. Both days of the two day event are defined by those attending and everyone is urged to create their own panel. My panel this year was entitled “Y.R.U. Fucking me?” The title although comedic, was a serious conversation on how traditional agencies, digital agencies of record and clients all get along and interface with one another when constructing a campaign, or when developing a brand platform for their clients. What I really liked is that 90% of those who attended my panel were voal can had something to share. All in all it was two very exciting days of open dialog. Note:  Nick Law I am sorry I drew a penis on your submission.

The next highlight was on the other end of the spectrum, and that was Matt & Ale’s “The Fucking Party“. The goal of the party was to collect the industry’s largest swear word filter. Needless to say the joint was packed with drunk bastards and bitches. Thanks for the memories.

The week wrapped up for me with the One Show Interactive Gala at Terminal 5. This year’s event seemed like almost every other year previous, with one exception, the food was kinda wack yo. See you next year advertising week, next up Internet Week!

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