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Work / Tiger goes to the Dentist: Viral

April 12, 2010

Well now. It has been some time since I jumped back into the business of making something go “viral”, and I must say it has been very enjoyable watching this video grow in popularity. Currently the video has received over 620,000 views. Being credited as the first parody of the recent Nike / Tiger Woods commercial is pretty cool. Within two days there were over 500,000 views on my youtube channel. The piece has been picked up by a slew of media properties from Mashable, to  Entertainment Weekly to The Wall Street Journal (Twice), to Celebritifi, who named it the latest Internet meme, then to Popeater who spotlighted it, and on to Yahoo Sports. It was also featured on Sports Illustrated/CNN,, OK Magazine, Quoted on Fox Sports, and then highlighted on The Huffington Post . It was written and commented about on the Associated Press Newswire, and of course  can also be found on Digg. It also got some love from the Industry blogs, and Business blogs.

The formula was also identified as viral by television programs like Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert, and Saturday Night Live. I have also, oddly enough, been contacted and approached by a few web-based entertainment properties to produce and direct future “viral videos” as a result. This all makes me think back to the panel I hosted and sat on in 2005 at SXSW about Viral Marketing. It’s funny because it is so hard to force something to go viral, it just happens. Brands have struggled with this formula for years, and is something that, in my opinion will never be a legitimate platform or formula. These things just become memes, and take on a life of their own. For now I would just suggest sitting back and watching for what it is… a clever parody, that was produced an published at the right time. At the time of this posting there are currently 2,300,000,000 results for “Tiger Woods, Nike, Parody, David goes to the Dentist” These things work best when there is very little thought, and are pushed out into the public sooner that later. Being first to market is what it is really all about.

There are some extremely interesting studies popping up around the web regarding this meme. The 30-second ad has spawned over 160 unique video clips, over 100 of them derivatives – spoofs, parodies, mash-ups, and the like. Altogether, these clips have generated 7.1+ million views and 15,000+ comments.

“The derivatives for the ad began growing slowly, making up less than 10% of the total view count after one day, led by Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof. But as more and more people saw the ad, more and more parodies were produced. Now, not only do over half of the ad’s total views come from derivatives, but, as you can see from the graph below, derivatives have become the de facto driving force behind the campaign. The top performing spoof to date is Tim Nolan’s David After Dentist voiceover with 600,000+ views.” – Visible Measures

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