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Industry / Boards: The Innovation Issue

March 25, 2010

Leaner. Faster. Better. They’re the three goals that best sum up the pursuits of a post-production house’s R&D department. If that sounds a bit like Lee Majors in The Six Million Dollar Man, well the comparison isn’t far off. Whether it’s redesigning workflow and improving efficiency in its pipeline or developing tools for its effects artists to handle the demands of new technologies, the aim of R&D is to vastly improve on the models that came before.

Hush was asked to contribute to Boards Magazine’s Innovators issue, and we could not be happier. At Hush Studios my team and I spend our days trolling the web for for the latest and greatest, and when we do not find it, we going ahead and get on the offensive, and make it ourselves. This issue spotlights our contemporaries who share this way of thinking.

The entire issue is a celebration of innovation including an awesome AR hook called Rise and Fall. Rise and Fall is a new interactive project developed and designed by Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille for the cover of ‘boards magazine’s Innovation issue. The actual piece is a gentle and subtly engaging Augmented Reality project that utilizes both the cover and back of the magazine to manipulate the camera and story flow within the piece. It’s also really great to look at, and easy and intuitive to play with. Rise and Fall was made with openFrameworks and is completely open-source. read it here.

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