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Industry / Decade Wrap-up

December 31, 2009

Well now, this certainly was a decade that was full of extreme highs and lows. As I sit here trying to figure out a way to re-cap this year in words, I am at a loss. If I think back to 2000, I had just sold off my share, and ownership of, my first dotcom venture. I then took off to Austria to go snowboard for a few weeks in the Alps and reflect on what I wanted to do for the next five or ten years.

I came back to an industry that I found eaier to navigate as an nimble freelancer picking up projects for select clients like Rockstar Games, Dj Honda, Sony Pictures, and so on. Along the way I was starting to connect with what would be the next generation of start-ups. Early on I realized that networking was huge, and I am thankful for meeting a ton of fine folks. What was also great about the freelance life at that point, was the fact that I could dedicate a ton of time to my baby ( which is what was responsible for getting me most of the work. Between the years of 2001 and 2005 my site averaged over 100,000 unique visitors per week. Nowadays every site looks like mine did three years ago. I guess that is progress. The underground always ends up becoming the mainstream.

By 2004 I was working in studios like Big Spaceship, Deep-Focus, Night Agency, and Firstborn. I was also transitioning from a designer to a director, getting less hands-on during the production phase and more interested and more involved in the development of ideas, and concepts.

Flash-forward to January 31st, 2009 and here I am watching the snow fall in New York. I cannot help but think that we are sitting on the cusp another big change. The last year alone changed the way people, brands, and our industry looks at the Internet completely. I think the next decade will stabilize a lot of things, like maybe we can stop saying words like “Digital Agency” or “Traditional Agency” and we can just go back to having “Agencies“. I mean way back when McCann or even fictional advertising agencies like Sterling Cooper began utilizing television as a platform they just found the right people, or the people who were willing to take on the medium, and rolled it into their offerings.

I look forward to 2010, and feel lucky to be in a place where we are looking ahead, and are embracing the new landscape. Best wishes to all. See you in the next decade.

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