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Industry / App Review: Colour vs. PShop

November 30, 2009

I run a pretty tight ship when it comes to what iPhone Apps, I keep on my iPhone. As a general rule, I love efficiency in everything, operating systems, work flows, marketing campaigns,  applications, and of course my digital devices.

I routinely go through what I call “digital pruning”. Whether it is removing “spam” followers on twitter, or removing applications from my MacBook Pro, or my iPhone. Tonight, I pit two similar applications against one another to see which one would survive to serve another day…

Two apps enter, one app lives. I have had two image editing applications on my iPhone for a few months now, Adobe Photoshop Mobile, and Colour by The Mill. I have used both applications fully and are judging them based on easy of use, quality of output, and the value of having them on my device.

For me there was no comparison. I am a much greater fan of Colour than Photoshop Mobile. I think the level of design that went into the application is great, and most importantly the image output is exactly what I wanted. Sure, Photoshop Mobile allows more editing options, but over all it was a let down for me at least. This poses a curious question; How can Adobe, the King of Image-making software be outdone by a studio of Image-makers?

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  1. November 30, 2009 6:26 am

    Tim, got any good examples of photos you’ve edited with either (or both)? I’d be curious to see what Colour can do that PS mobile can’t.

    Also, again just curious – do you use these apps to just for color correction? In my experience that’s just about all I use PS mobile for.

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