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Industry / Metrics (I’m seeing robots.)

November 20, 2009

Over the last decade or so,  I have been more focused on what the user is seeing. My job has always been to make things look & feel awesome. Flash came around and it changed the way I designed . By the time Flash5 hit, it really started to require at the very least, a low level programming in ActionScript … which was cool.I guess. (Note: I went to Art school to avoid math.)

As marketing dug itself deeper into the creative world, it made us all look at how we built things again. Site analytics, and user tracking spread like wildfire. I ran across a site I worked on somewhere around 2005/06 while at the Night Agency.

I had purposely left the tracking calls in place, I think it shows how hard sites had to work to not only entertain the viewer but, silently, and without the visitor even knowing,  faithfully and autonomously report user-activity back the the server. We tracked navigation, how many videos were opened, how long the video played, who shared what with who… you name it.

So, I guess here is you chance to see a big flash site, with eleven weeks of episodic video content as a web-visitor and as a web-server simultaneously.

PS. See the other half of this film here. (it came in two parts, and the connection was revealed over time.)

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