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Industry / Swim out past the Breakers.

October 31, 2009


Content consumption continues to migrate across the myriad of platforms available today, and straight into tomorrow. Watching the growth and global adoption of new technologies fascinates me. We are living in a time where life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around sometimes, you might miss it.  I should also note that I have been a longtime “fan” of the trajectory of Moore’s Law.

With this in mind. I do not believe one person in the industry is 100% sure of what the digital landscape will be in the near future, nor do I think anyone should worry greatly.  The things we do know are important enough. These things are that people will want, and need to be entertained, informed, and stimulated. They will also most likely want to be able to connect and share these experiences via their assorted social personae.

Anyone can predict the estimated impact of new technologies on the population, identify trends in media, fashion, color, consumerism and so on, but why should we? For every innovative breakthrough that took ten years to develop and deploy today, I bet there is another most likely, coming out of beta shorty thereafter. That improved beta will only take one year to deploy. The word “wave” has been tossed around plenty these days, and I think it is no coincidence, so why not swim out past the breakers, and enjoy the ride. I say love tomorrow, and find the future as it finds you. Just be ready for it.

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