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Industry / Everybody’s Clever Nowadays

October 30, 2009


Everybody knows the woes of the last year or so in our industry. Half eaten budgets, rapid time-lines, and the need to adapt to a ever changing set of platforms and programs.

This “New Normal” will without a doubt, force the cream to rise to the top, and truly test us, as professionals,  to produce work that is just as stunning, just as disruptive, and even more intelligent than we were doing in 2007, for three times the money, and double the time.

I look forward to the next twelve months as we all climb the next mountain as a culture. For now I think everybody is still testing the waters, and this state of uncertainty, we all feel the need to connect again. We are connecting on twitter, we are pontificating at events, we are spawning labs, and we are getting closer to defining the future of communication, one clever public rant at a time. Go Tomorrow!

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