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Work / Mandela Day Digital Campaign

July 1, 2009


Agency: Gotham NY / Digital Agency: Core Industries – View Site

I played a very diverse role in this project. Another way to look at it, would be that I played many different roles in the design, development and deployment of the Mandela Day website.

First, a bit about Mandela Day… Mandela Day celebrates the idea that each individual has the ability to make an imprint, the power to transform the world.

On this day, we raise our hands in celebration and renewed commitment to the making of a just society. Nelson Mandela teaches us that every human being can make a positive imprint. One by one, and together, we must continue to encourage open dialogue around social issues. We must transform discourse into action. As Mr. Mandela unfortunately, is human, he has a finite time on this earth, however his principles, ideas, and spirit can live on forever. The idea behind the campaign is to create a Global ‘Mandela Day’ to commemorate his life and carry on his message.  We all have work to do.

I thought the best way to describe what I exactly did on this project would be to break it up into three parts… Digital Producer, Creative Strategist, and Design Direction.

Digital Producer
I was tasked with being the producer for a few of the many moving parts in this multi-agency, multi-vendor, highly integrated campaign.

Digital Handwall An online Flash 10 data visualization application that receives text based submissions globally from the Internet via the web-interface, as well as an US based SMS campaign. Note: As this was originally to be a interactive installation at Grand Central, view it online in full-screen mode for the optimal experience

In your Hands – Web/Viral Video Re-mixer A Flash 10 application on that features the social network sharable director’s cut, as well as user generated component that allows the make an imprint by creating a custom video, by selecting a cast of celebrity co-stars and an uploaded clip of themselves. The resulting video is trans-coded and published to a unique url for sharing.

Creative Strategist
I worked alongside the creative team at Core to develop a strategy that would allow Mandela Day to have a greater reach across the web leveraging social media sites and video sharing channels. Some of the initiatives I lead included, developing a voice and strategy for twitter (1500+ followers), re-skinning populating and re-launching the Mandela Day Youtube Channel (+200K video views), and editing and publishing content to Vimeo.

Design Direction
I worked with the creative team at Core on re-designing the homepage of the Mandela Day website, as well as acting as lead designer / art director for the Flash video re-mixer application.

Homepage Re-Design Working in tandem with team at Core to design and create a more functional homepage design that would act as a front door and aggregate of the entire campaign’s digital footprint.

Handwall Submission Page I designed a simple ‘twitter-like’ user interface that acted as a pre-population vehicle for the Flash application that launched a few weeks later.

In your Hands – Web/Viral Video Re-mixer I designed a simple, linear experience, that features a video player for a two and a half minute director’s cut of a video produced by Gotham for Mandela Day, but also act as a video editor and “re-edit” the spot into a shareable product around one minute in length, that included custom celebrity selections, and a user submitted video, without losing the pacing, and impact of the original.

Video Editor / Motion Design – I designed a video style guide / visual language for all the Mandela Day video content, including bugs, branded endtags, and in-broadcast displays to be used in all web video and webcasts.

You can view the exhibit here on vimeo or read some press on Adweek about the Installation at Vanderbilt Hall.

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