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Industry / #DigitalDumbo05

May 28, 2009


This event is becoming addictive! Digital design and technology shop Freedom + Partners will rock the house and ring in the Spring season at this month’s upcoming Digital DUMBO. F+P will re-fashion the site and dedicate the music, the imagery and visualization to our beloved neighborhood between the bridges.  The installation will include tunes reminiscent of Brooklyn’s past and present and the imagery will be of our local surroundings. This is where I come into the equation. I shot a collection of short video clips that were iconic DUMBO views.

The footage I provided will run as a back-drop to the award winning F+P flash application. I have released a short cut version of the montage on Vimeo where I also dropped in some audio to support it.

The event will be hosted in the Bonita lounge, located in the downstairs area of Water Street Restaurant. Just walk in and make your first right down the stairs!

Post Event Coverage:

MediaBistro’s Just An Online Minute Blog

And Flickr Photos


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