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Work / US Treasury: Bad Credit Hotel

January 8, 2009


Agency: Lowe Worldwide / Studio: Firstborn – View Site

As the nation’s financial situation festers, Lowe, New York and Firstborn have picked a rather fitting time to launch the “Bad Credit Hotel” site for the U.S. Treasury.

The site is set up as an interactive game, which is intended to teach visitors about credit reports and debt management. Using black and white video, scratchy effects and a creepy hotel as their setting, Lowe and Firstborn are challenging visitors to collect enough credit knowledge throughout the venue in order to reach room 850 (the number being the perfect credit score).

During this project I got to do all the styling and prop resourcing. I worked with costume designers and hit up a few vintage shops here in New York to acquire all the period relevant clothing. The creative process was pretty swift, as we worked very closely with Lowe, and the Ad Council on behalf of the Treasury Department and had a clearly defined look and feel from early on.

For the shoot, I created a shot list based on a collaborative script we developed with Lowe. We captured all the video in a one day HD shoot. The idea was to use classic film techniques reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Black & White export with plenty of noise, and grain was the starting point, we then incorporated the use of split screens, and added lots of hard cuts between key content deliveries to reinforce the “one-camera” look of the piece. If I had to describe the influence behind the hotel concept it would be one part Overlook and one part Bates

Read the Cross-Media report by Christine Champagne in OMMA Magazine.

Peep the Cinema Reel – Low Quality or High Quality

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  1. January 8, 2015 11:40 pm

    This does look prismiong. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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