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Work / XM Radio: Wild Ride

December 15, 2008


Agency: Lowe Worldwide / Studio: Firstborn – View Site

Hippos? Sports Cars?  XM Radio? While I was at  Firstborn, we teamed up with Lowe Worldwide to create a fun-filled microsite to complement XM Radio’s successful illustration campaign.  The site allows users to take tour through a world of four thematic cities, where users can drive in their XM car and listen to a variety of radio stations such as Rock, Urban, Sports and Country. Travel to the “Help the Hippo” game where users are challenged to lead a stranded Hippo across a busy road of oncoming traffic or try the “Flip Game” where you can help fling some furry friends from their old clunker and into a brand new XM ride.

During this project I operated both as Interactive Producer and Design Director. I began by concepting with Lowe Worldwide from supplied Photoshop and Illustrator files. I was able to enhance the original direction by expanding the level of gameplay to the foreground, and by directing the transitional “offramp” scenes that link the main content areas of the experience.

One request from the client was to get the animals into the story, and since we had a first-person driver game going on, we would be forced to see the back’s of all the animals heads as a primary camera angle. Since all the assets were very lightweight vectors we were able to bring most of them into 3D, and really get some quality face time with the brand’s beloved animals.

We created character interactions, so while driving, each car would “be aware” of the other. Visually this allowed us to see some profile shots of the drivers and passengers, The animals really got to shine in the pre-loaders and transitional animations as the animals hop off the highway, and cruise down the offramp to the additional content.

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