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Work / Northwestern Mutual

December 15, 2008


Agency: Downtown Partners / Studio: Firstborn – View Site

Firstborn teamed up with Downtown Partners to create a website for Northwestern Mutual’s spring campaign. We decided that the site should not just invite users to confront their financial burdens, but also serve as an outlet through which they can launch these worries into the sea, sky or outer space…and maybe let out a little aggression too.

The site was a follow up to a very successful first launch by EVB launched the previous year. To get the job done for Downtown Partners and Northwestern Mutal, We designed a  lush panoramic 3D environment, shot all of the HD video in-house, and developed the site’s state-of-the-art physics engine. One the initial user experience comes to a close, the site displays the “Top Worries” of consumers everywhere.

From a content perspective I was tasked with casting a varied set of characters to represent people’s financial worries. With an extremely tight budget, and no need for SAG, the shoot was brought in-house. To further reduce costs we even leveraged a few of firsborn’s finest to play within the cast of characters. I am the guy in the orange chair acting lazy and lethargic.

I am happy to announce that this project won 2009 Webby Award in the Insurance website category!!! Visit the Official Webby Awards website to see all the nominees. Congratulations go out to all those at Firstborn that contributed to this project! Joon, Avery, Eric, all you guys rocked it!

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