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Work / Office for Mac online campaign

November 2, 2008

The Firstborn team could not be more proud of the online advertising campaign we created for the launch of the Office for Mac experience. Banner ads have become somewhat of a lost art and it is a shame to see great concepts go to waste as soon as they reach the “banner phase” of a project.

So we tackled this challenge and set out to create a banner campaign that is portfolio worthy. Using the core concepts present in the website, we developed animated sequences, combined with original sound design to create perhaps our favorite ad units to date.

My role as always was to create a seamless creative experience, by drawing on the narrative qualities of the characters in both the micro-site as well as the rich media banners. I felt the focus should be on creating a very cinematic experience and really leveraging the personalities of  the simply animated characters. Personification goes along way.

As for the website for Microsoft Office for Mac. McCann had the brilliant idea to use workplace idioms throughout the campaign, so we brainstormed ways to transform this concept into a digital experience.

In collaboration with the talented UK illustrator Mr. Bingo, we created this playful experience by combining oodles of cell-based animation with interactive features that engage the user around every corner of the site.

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