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Work / Reebok: Freestyle Forever

October 24, 2008


The iconic “must-have” of the 80’s pop culture scene, otherwise known as the Reebok Freestyle, will be forever remembered as the athletic shoe that changed the face of women’s fitness. Firstborn worked directly with Reebok to bring this ground-breaking shoe to the web in honor of the Freestyle’s 25th birthday. Browse the latest re-mixed designs in the catalog of releases or take the “Find Your Freestyle” personality quiz to see which new Freestyle matches your individual taste.

For this project, I worked directly with the internal marketing team at Reebok as the Interactive Producer at Firstborn. I worked with Reebok to craft a site that would feature the exclusive series, and engage an audience of women at a very high level, the answer to that came from the those short quizzes that my wife passed around myspace with her friends on a daily basis. After a few questions, you would be put into some sort of group, which you share with a friend, who had similar results. For the site, it needed to be fun, light-hearted, and as a bonus we tied to the product line.

The product section of the site rolled with the release plan of the series. With all the content controlled by XML, the site facilitated a dynamic, date-driven, publishing schedule. Be sure to use your mosuewheel when in the product area for maximum enjoyment.

As the Producer, I was also responsible for writing and developing the all of the content for the site, including the quiz and product descriptions, I also oversaw the creative and flash development of the project from pitch, to concept to launch.

Check out the archived site here.

View the sizzle reel for the site on my Vimeo page.

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