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Work / Microsoft Forefront: EasyEasier

October 24, 2008


Agency: McCann SF / Studio: Firstborn –View Site

Imagine being surrounded by sneaky secret agents, brain hungry zombies, angry aliens and deadly ninjas. Each one of these daunting characters represents a threat that IT professionals face each day when defending their networks against malware, spyware and viruses. Firstborn collaborated with McCann SF to depict this scenario in the form of a video micro-site that would empower the IT professional and educate the public about the strengths of Microsoft’s newest anti-virus program, Forefront.

I flew with my team, to Los Angeles to storyboard and direct the green screen shoot. We shot for three days gathering all the content we would need for the site and more. We wanted to be sure to have too much rather than too little since another shoot was out of budget and out of scope. The McCann team was awesome to wark with and we actually got everything we needed by day two, leaving the third day for getting bonus footage and trying new things.

Once we returned to New York, we had already defined our selects, and began post-production. All the content for the site was controlled by an external XML document since the site was slotted to be released in multiple markets and needed to be translated into many different languages.

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